Coronavirus: Commuters told to prepare to queue in new guidance

Coronavirus: Commuters told to prepare to queue in new guidance

Waterloo Station at rush hour

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There were few passengers in Waterloo railway station during the morning rush hour earlier this week

Commuters who will be using public transport to return to work are being warned to be prepared to queue, in new guidance issued by the government.

With more workplaces opening up on Wednesday, people have been urged to avoid public transport if possible.

But for those who do have to use it, the guidance says: “Travel may take longer than normal on some routes.

“Plan ahead by identifying alternative routes and options in case of unexpected disruption.”

The government is asking people to consider cycling, walking or driving to work if possible.

“If you do travel, thinking carefully about the times, routes and ways you travel will mean we will all have more space to stay safe,” its guidance adds.

Passengers should keep 2m (6ft) apart from others wherever possible and avoid the rush hour where feasible.

They are also advised to wash their hands before and after travelling, and to be considerate to fellow commuters.

Transport operators have been given guidance to ensure stations and services are regularly cleaned.

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